Schimberg Group Architects: Our Mission

What is it that could possibly separate Schimberg Group from the rest of the architectural world? We provide architectural services as do others. We provide interior design services as do some. We provide construction administration services, which many do also. We procure furniture and provide all of the detailed design services necessary to fulfill a project from inception to completion.

So what sets us apart? What is Schimberg Group’s mission?

Egos are left at the door. It is about completing the project with open communication, cost effectively and efficiently. We have no desire to create an ode to Schimberg Group. We approach projects as a team and we look for ways to create the highest level of design, no matter what scale project or what type of client, with the most efficient and smooth management system possible.

This is what sets us apart and we are proud of that.

Schimberg Group Architects