Commercial Architecture: Capstan Financial

This newly-built wealth management office combined the need to appeal to two audiences: conservative, older clients concerned about maintaining capital and stewarding wealth for future generations, and younger, growth-oriented clients interested in contemporary ideas and strategies.

The lobby combines a bleached wood-look porcelain tile by Porcelanosa with a rich, dark wood wall used for the firm’s signage. A white drywall cloud supports a black crystal chandelier floating above a modern, angular desk. Design elements were carefully selected so both audiences would feel a familiar and expected atmosphere. Dark wood, a formal reception area and traditional signage harken back to the club-type waiting rooms of traditional trust companies. Stark white walls, sleek marble floors, sharp angles and artistic elements like the cloud communicate energy and innovation for the younger, more aggressive investor.

As clients move through the offices, they pass through a hallway designed as an art gallery highlighted by clean, smooth white walls and rich wood panels displaying large canvases with contemporary art from the owner’s personal collection.