Mercantile / Hospitality Architecture: Media On Main/Cafe Palm

Due to the local history of the previous store, the design called for an integration of two styles - traditional and modern. Existing wood book shelving alongside new organically shaped millwork bridges the design and lessens the impact of the long narrow store. Original terrazzo floors were rejuvenated. The ceiling, kept dark, is enhanced by a curved aluminum tube, taking a patron’s eye immediately to the energetic bar in the back of the store and seamlessly tying into the bar soffit.

Recycled resin café tables continue the marriage of tradition and modernity, while a contemporary, upholstered wrap seating is accented with traditional leather stitching.

A back-lit onyx bar and woven faux leather sound panels adorn the bar while an upholstered soffit fascia above defines the seating below. The onyx bar top seemingly floats on a lit acrylic top creating a glowing strip at night.

Schimberg Group created intimate niches in the existing perimeter masonry wall using onyx, woven faux panels as ‘artwork’ and a hip, modern vinyl wall covering, pulling all of the colors together and giving the wine connoisseur a place to relax and enjoy the scenery.